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Effective Tips For Overcoming Presentation Stress

Presentations and public speaking can be incredibly stressful experiences for anyone. People are usually stressed about what to say, how to say it, how to remember it and use slides, as well as how to cope with nerves and keep people listening. It is important to realize that feeling nervous [...]

You Need Event Technology to have Engaged Attendees!

Device Usage Research and Data Microsoft found that since the year 2000 (or about when the mobile revolution began) the average attention span dropped from 12 seconds to 8 seconds. Additionally, PEW Research Center data shows that 96% of Americans now own some kind of cell phone and 81% own [...]

16 CME Events Remaining in 2019!

        ADA FDI World Dental Congress 2019 American Dental Association (ADA) FDI World Dental Congress will be held from September 4 - 8, 2019 at Moscone Center, San Francisco, California. The conference offers several education tracks with 1.0 CE credit hours per hour of class, unless otherwise [...]

The Benefits of Problem Solving Exercises & Brain Teasers

When was the last time you sat down and tackled some problem-solving exercises? If you haven't enjoyed brain teasers recently, you might want to spend more time on these kinds of puzzles. Mental challenges like this can be a ton of fun and offer all kinds of different benefits. They [...]

Tips and Tricks to Increase Audience Engagement

Imagine having a large audience and not knowing what to do! This is a challenging situation and many people fail to engage their audience effectively. Remember, if the audience loses interest, your entire event or presentation loses momentum. This is why it's important to sit down, plan, and better understand [...]

Event trends to look for this summer

The event world is moving, shifting, growing and backstepping every season. This post will highlight a few things to think about while planning your summer event.  During recent trips to Texas and Arizona, we saw that conference season is in full swing, with many going on in the same conference [...]

Professionalism in the Digital Age

Professionalism has changed drastically over the years.  It used to mean looking the part- suit and tie and you were ready to fly!  But now that standard means very little and other pieces of the puzzle have become more important.  Even more so, as companies become virtual and teams distributed, [...]

Organization is Key for a Speaker

Being asked to speak for an event can be a bit nerve-racking. What happens if I show up with my laptop and it dies on me mid-presentation? What if my slides have audio and the speakers don’t work? What if they are using outdated software that doesn’t support my files/presentation? [...]

Problems We Face as Event Coordinators

Today we are going to talk about some issues event coordinators have. We all know that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong! Using 2Shoes can help keep problems down to a minimum and events running smoothly. Below are the problems and solutions we frequently encounter. Lost or low [...]

Don’t be Afraid to Ask

At 2Shoes we are all about asking questions, as it’s the fundamental building block of our company. As continuing education and professional development event organizers, you may be encouraging your attendees to ask questions but there comes a time where you need to ask questions, too. We talked about the [...]

How can we provide new employees comfort?

Employee training is something that happens at every organization, big and small. The employee training I want to talk about in this post is large corporate training. Large Corporations on-board anywhere from tens to hundreds and thousands of employees at a time causing some confused employees and leaving Human Resources [...]

Give attendees a voice in event content

At 2Shoes we are constantly learning about and looking for ways to make events better. During a call last week with a customer I learned that some of our customers are using 2Shoes to not only gather questions during the presentation but also gathering questions and ideas ahead of time [...]

How the 2Shoes Event App is Being Used

First of all, Happy New Year! This time of year is always an exciting time filled with resolutions, opportunities, and the chance to start fresh. We're beyond stoked here at 2Shoes for the upcoming year!   This time of year is also a great time for reflection and today I [...]

5 Simple Ways to Increase Engagement At Your Next Event

No matter the event, increasing engagement is always tough during a large presentation. There are tons of variables and large hurdles, but using these 5 simple tricks will help you grow your attendee participation today! 1. Give your attendees the slide decks. Let’s face it- if your presenters don’t blow [...]

That One Call

At 2Shoes we contact prospective customers on a daily basis. Once we find those that are interested in hearing more we set up a short demo call to walk them through the app and see if we may be a good fit for their event. Often times those calls are [...]

Introduction to 2Shoes

Who We Are 2Shoes is a web-based event application used to increase engagement and understanding in large presentation settings. Our goal is to empower curiosity and help increase interaction during presentations in an era when most interactions are becoming virtual. Our four co-founder team is filled with individuals that are [...]