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Tips and Tricks to Increase Audience Engagement

tips and ticks to increase audience engagement

Imagine having a large audience and not knowing what to do! This is a challenging situation and many people fail to engage their audience effectively. Remember, if the audience loses interest, your entire event or presentation loses momentum. This is why it’s important to sit down, plan, and better understand what it takes to engage […]

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Give attendees a voice in event content

At 2Shoes we are constantly learning about and looking for ways to make events better. During a call last week with a customer I learned that some of our customers are using 2Shoes to not only gather questions during the presentation but also gathering questions and ideas ahead of time to help determine the content […]

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How the 2Shoes Event App is Being Used

First of all, Happy New Year! This time of year is always an exciting time filled with resolutions, opportunities, and the chance to start fresh. We’re beyond stoked here at 2Shoes for the upcoming year!   This time of year is also a great time for reflection and today I want to do just that. […]

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