At 2Shoes we are all about asking questions, as it’s the fundamental building block of our company. As continuing education and professional development event organizers, you may be encouraging your attendees to ask questions but there comes a time where you need to ask questions, too. We talked about the importance of surveys in the last part of our Best Practices Series but that was mainly geared towards surveying your attendees.

But what we would like to talk about today is surveying or asking questions to your staff, your venue providers, your AV team, and anyone else you can email. Sometimes I think we’re afraid to ask questions because we think it will give the impression that we aren’t as all-knowing as we want our counterparts to think.  However, asking questions can be a huge benefit to your personal growth and also accomplishing goals.

When you ask a question, people naturally consider you less aggressive and will more easily give you the info you want and need. Compare this to going into a meeting, guns blazing, and trying to get collaboration on a subject you know little about.  Trust us, the first approach is much better for everyone involved.

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