Profiles & Presenter Management

Managed profiles and Collaborator profiles are ways to manage your active and passive presenters. See below for details of these profile types and how you can use them to increase engagements with your presenters and their audience.

Managed Profiles are for those presenters that you want to feature in the app but will not login to a 2Shoes account to manage the session they are presenting. An Event Admin can add a profile picture, bio, social media links, contact information, and other information to a managed profile as well as add them to a session. Once added to a session, each presenter will be listed on the attendee side under the “Presenters” dropdown for each attendee to see.

Collaborator Profiles are those presenters who will be actively managing their session or event content. A collaborator profile will have a verified account which will allow the user to have admin privileges, if attached to an Event, or presenter privileges, if attached to a session. Admin privileges allow all of the rights as the event creator with the exception of purchasing power. A Collaborator that has been attached to an event as an admin can create sessions, profiles, upload docs, and make surveys, evaluations, and polls anywhere in the event or in any session. A Collaborator that has been added to a session as a presenter only have rights to that specific session to make surveys, polls, or evaluations, upload documents, and add other manage profiles.

See below for steps to create each of these profiles.

How to set up Collaborator and Managed Profiles:

If you have not already created an account on the 2Shoes platform that would be the first step to take. Go to to create your free account today!

Click “Collaborators” in the left hand menu and scroll down to “Your Collaborators”. You will see a button labeled “Invite Collaborator” to the right of the heading. Click that and insert their email. That user will receive an email to collaborate with you on an event.

Think of this like adding a friend on Social Media. This user must have a verified account for you to Collaborate with them.

Click “Collaborators” in the left hand menu then click “Add New Profile” to the right of the “Managed Profiles” header.

Fill out the data as shown.

Private?: This check box will keep this presenters info private from attendee view. You will need to select which information will be kept private and check the box next to that information. Additionally, you can exclude it from the profile.

Image: The 2Shoes app gives the admin several features to get the best image of the presenter possible. You can rotate the image or zoom it in and out. You can even click on the image and drag it to center in the frame.



Best Practice: Collaborators work well when there are several events occurring in rapid succession or you have a large event with many concurrent sessions. Most Session level presenters will be in the form of Managed Profiles but it would be good to let each of your presenters know they have the option to create their own content in their session if needed. How-To guides for each of our features can be found on our home page under the “Features” dropdown. Communication is key here. As the event creator, ensure that you effectively communicate your objectives with any Collaborators in the event admin or presenter roll.

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