Learn about what features our application can provide to your presenters, organizers, and attendees to make your event or conference stand above the rest.


Publish polls to the audience at any time and watch the data roll in live. No clickers needed or accounts needed.

Gather Questions for Q&A

Attendees ask questions and vote on which ones they want answered by the presenter or panel. This leads to a more efficient use of time and increased engagement with your attendees.

Surveys & Evaluations

Gather feedback easily and efficiently from your attendees. Attendees can complete surveys and complete presenter and event evaluations before, at, or after the event.

iOS and Android App

Everyone involved with the event can download our native application for iOS and Android. Event administrators and presenter can control their events and sessions from their phones while attendees can ask questions, access documents, and participate in polls, surveys, and evaluations all without signing up from an account.

Setup before Purchase

2Shoes allows you to assemble your conference or event in the app for free before purchasing so you know exactly how much your event will cost. You will always know exactly how much your event will cost without having to talk to a sales person or complete complex calculus to find a price.

Live and Exportable Data

During your event, live data is available allowing you to monitor your event activity. Stats like number of questions, unique views, votes, and others can be found real time. Once an event is completed, data is easily downloaded to a CSV document or reviewed from the results tab found on each event and session.

Document Distribution

Attach presentations, slides, or any other documents. Save time and money by making this information digitally available.


Presenters and attendees can easily create profiles. This allows everyone to know who is at the event and how to best contact them.

Bulk Attendee Emails

With 2Shoes, your attendees can be engaged days, weeks, or months before your event starts from within the app. This feature allows you to upload a formatted CSV to the app with attendee information and compose an email, or use our default email, inviting attendees to the event. You can have them complete surveys, polls, or event ask and vote for questions before the event starts.

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