Event Polling

Polling, otherwise known as audience response, is another critical piece of total audience engagement.  With the 2Shoes live polling feature, there is no need for physical ARS devices (sometimes known as ‘clickers’) as our app will handle all of the heavy lifting.  Our polling is built into both our web-based and native applications allowing the attendee and admin to access their event and session information anywhere at anytime. You can also view live polling results right from the app in real time or come back later and view results and statistics after the event has finished. Gather live responses for your meetings, conferences, and meetings with our interactive polling app. Sign up for free now!


Polling How-To:

  • After creating your event or session, find the Poll heading click the “+” to create a new poll.
    • Polls can be linked to a session or event. To attach to an event follow the steps in this guide. To attach a poll to a session you will need to create a session then continue on to the next step





  • When creating a poll, enter the poll name, question, and answers.






  • After creating your poll, you will have three additional options to control how the poll is viewed.
    • publish polls
    • pop out polls; popup on the attendee side once they enter the event or session
    • privacy; keep the results of the poll private




  • Best Practice:  We always recommend publishing all polls before your presentation starts. Also, directing the attendees to click the Polls button to complete the poll helps with utilization of the poll.

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Our real time event audience polling app keeps your audience engaged. Send real time event surveys and polls to measure attendee satisfaction. Request a demo now!