Getting Started Guide

Below you will find some guides to create your account, create your event, and create a session. Additionally there are guides for polling, surveys, evaluations, live and exportable data, presenter profiles, collaborating, and document hosting.

How to Create an Account:

  • To create an account, follow THIS LINK and fill in the form.

2shoes account edit
  • Once you are logged in, click Profile to edit your profile or change your password.

How to Create an Event:

An Event will hold the individual sessions, polls, surveys, and evaluations that you have have during your conference or presentation. You can set up your event by following the easy steps below! After you set up an Event you can begin filling it with individual sessions, representing each presentation or panel discussion.

  • Create an event by clicking Events & Sessions in the left panel.
    Create Event
  • Click the “+” in dash board to create a New Event.

Create Event
  • From here you can add the Event Image, Name, Description, Event Code (the URL attendees will access our app with), optional Password, tagged Presenters, change the event color theme, and Event Documents.

  • To Edit an Event:
    • Click the “manage” link in the box on the event dashboard in the box containing the event you want to edit.  
      • You also can archive, delete, and purchase sessions in the event in this area.
    • After clicking “manage”, the edit button will be at the top of the page under “Event Info” header

Also at the top of the page are some quick stats from your event.

How to Create a Session

Sessions are individual presentations or panel discussions that have a Q&A component to them. Some users like to have a Keynote or other special presentations in a Session by themselves. This allows for specific material to be asked during that special session. You can also attach documents, polls, surveys, evaluations, and individual presenters to the Sessions. Guides on these can also be found on the website.

2Shoes event
  • Enter the Event you want to create a session by clicking on the “Events & Sessions” label in the left hand column then clicking the “manage” link on the event you want to create a session in.

Session Add to an event 2Shoes
  • Add a Session to the event by clicking the “+” button as seen on the page.

  • After clicking the “+” button to add a new Session a new screen will appear. On that screen there are options to include a Session Name, Description, Date/Time, Location, optional Session code, tag Presenters, and Attach a File. (If you do not have presenters or documents to upload that is fine. You can always edit the session at a later time and add those items.)

  • To Edit a Session after it has been created you can click the “manage” button in the Session dashboard located in the Session box. In this box, you can also find options to purchase (if not already purchased), duplicate, and delete. After clicking on “manage” you will see a new screen open with all of the session details. There will be an “edit” button on the top of that screen next to an option to Archive the session.
  • There are also options to disable questions and to take the Session “offline”. Disable questions will not allow users to ash question during the session but the session will still show up and contain any presenters, polls, surveys, evaluations, and documents attached. “Offline” mode will take the session completely offline and will not be shown on the attendee side. This can be used if you have a surprise keynote speaker. You can easily flip the toggle to online right before that presentation begins and the Session will show up on the attendee side. Note, for both of these items to save, you will need to click “update Session” at the bottom of the page.

Also at the top of the page are some quick stats from your session. For in-depth results you can go to the “Results”.

Here are links for specific instructions on Q&APolling,Documents, Live and Exportable Data, Document Hosting, and Surveys.