Live & Exportable Data

Another critical portion of successful audience engagement is data analysis. With 2Shoes you have all of the tools necessary to make well-informed judgments about your event or presentation. All of the data collected from Polls, Q&A, Surveys, and Evaluations is updated in real-time and view-able as results come in. Our results page presents this data in an easily accessible way so that you remain well-informed before, during, or after your event. 

Data How-To:

  • After logging into the app, click on Results in the left pane.
  • From the results page select the Event and/or Session for which you would like to view data from the drop down boxes. **Note that your lifetime usage stats are displayed until you select a specific event or session.
  • After selecting a specific Event or Session, results from 11 trackable data points are listed.
    • The “Detail>” link located to the right of each data point will present you with a more detailed view of the data point if clicked. 
    • The “Detail>” link associated with either Polls, Surveys, and Evaluations offer users the additional flexibility to view results in Bar, Pie, or Line Graph forms.
  • This data can be downloaded to CSV where you can evaluate your event further.

Best Practice: The Results page offers event organizers and presenters a quick and easy path to tracking results globally in real-time. Moderators and presenters can use it in conjunction with their presentations to enhance audience engagement.

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