Event & Presentation Q&A

Question and Answer, or Q&A, is a critical piece of audience engagement for any event.  It is also one-half of the 2-way conversation that is engagement (the other being polling).  With the live 2Shoes Q&A feed, attendees can ask questions and vote-up the best question so that it is addressed first. When it comes time for questions at the end of each presentation, the presenter or moderator will get a curated list of the most important questions everyone and not just the question from the first person in line at the microphone or the loudest person in the room.

Q&A How To:

Session 2Shoes Enable Disable question and Session Online Offline
  • Create an event and session.  Here is our Getting Starting Guide that walks through that process.
  • Within the session, your Q&A is already created but you have the option to disable or enable questions at the top of each session page.  This button can be found on the session edit page near the bottom with the default always being online. It can also be found on the session page at the top of each session page with the disable question function. It will say online/offline.

  • From the attendee side, attendees can click into the session and ask questions in the text box. The attendee can also include their name for a more personal interaction and tag a presenter for a more direct question They can use the red up-vote arrow next to each question to indicate which questions they would like to see addressed first.

Best Practice:  During the event or session, make sure attendees know the event URL and how to ask and vote on questions. It is usually good to have a slide detailing the use of the app or send our an introductory email before the event begins detailing the app.