Real Time Survey and Evaluation App

Surveys and Evaluations are a great way to gather feedback from your event, see what your attendees learned, and/or what they liked or disliked.  Doing this through 2Shoes is also a great way to save money and the environment by going paperless. This technology will limit the time spent compiling data by hand for weeks after the event. The best part is you can gather data after your event ends by sending a link to each evaluation or survey in an email to your attendees. All results are shown in the results tab.

Surveys How-To:

  • After logging into the app, click on Events and Sessions in the left pane.
  • Click the event you want the Survey or Evaluation to be added.
  • If you want to add the survey to a specific session click “Open Session” however if you want to view the survey or evaluation in the event and not tied to any one session then scroll down on the event page, as instructed below.
  • From within the Event or Session, scroll down on the back to fine the Survey or Evaluation areas and click the “+” to create a new Survey or Evaluation.
  • Enter the Name and your questions with answer type.
  • To see Survey and Evaluation data, find where that Survey or Evaluation is located and select View Results.  You can export this data in CSV from the pop-up window or view it visually from within the app.
  • Best Practice:  Surveys and Evaluations are notoriously hard to get feedback after an event or session has concluded.  For best results, show attendees where the button is in our app and take time out of the event for everyone to participate. Strong communication during your event is key to achieving excellent results with these features!

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