Professionalism has changed drastically over the years.  It used to mean looking the part- suit and tie and you were ready to fly!  But now that standard means very little and other pieces of the puzzle have become more important.  Even more so, as companies become virtual and teams distributed, a holistic approach to professionalism is now more important than ever.  We’ve broken down some important points below and tricks of the trade to make you look like a pro any day of the week!


Being on time is one of the easiest way to be a professional.  This goes for deadlines, meetings and even quick calls.  Nothing screams FLAKE more than someone known for not going to commitments so do not become this personal, at all costs.  If you do have to cancel a meeting, make sure to give the other parties a heads up before the scheduled time.  This shows that you are on top of your job and respectful of others time.  Tricks of the trade: Set reminder notifications on your calendar for 30 minutes before your appointment.  This will help you either get there on time or send a polite reschedule email with time to spare.


Getting your point across is key to being a part of any team.  However, this is easier said than done.  In the virtual age we are in, messages can easily come across as mean so make sure your wording airs always on the side of being overly nice.  Also, now that learning spelling in schools seems wildly less important (due to spell check) make sure your spelling, and grammar, are correct.  To that end, make sure to know the difference between similar words such as ‘There’ and ‘Their’.  Tricks of the trade: If you are sending a message that might be misunderstood as mean, end with a phrase such as ‘I hope this doesn’t come across as sounding angry’ to avoid any undue confrontation.


This goes a bit back to communication, but keep a positive attitude whenever you can.  People are naturally drawn to optimism so this can work in your favor.  Also, have a respectful attitude towards others at all times.  Being human and empathetic are two huge keys to being a great team member.  Tricks of the trade: To help keep a good attitude during stressful times, make sure to take 3 deep breaths, or a quick walk outside, to keep a cool head.  It sounds cliche but it works!


Being fair is something that can help you with interactions throughout your entire life but it is especially helpful in professional settings.  Working with a team can be a challenge but treating everyone fairly can help to gain respect and also trust from your coworkers.  Tricks of the trade:  Try to step back every once in a while and observe your interactions with your team as a 3rd party.  This can help to make sure you are acting fairly to everyone involved.

We hope you enjoyed this blog on professionalism.  It’s something we take seriously and are well know for at 2Shoes.  If you take steps towards bettering yourself professionally then we have no doubt you will see great strides in achieving your goals.