How can we provide new employees comfort?

Employee training is something that happens at every organization, big and small. The employee training I want to talk about in this post is large corporate training. Large Corporations onboard anywhere from tens to hundreds and thousands of employees at a time causing some confused employees and leaving Human Resources (or whomever runs the training) […]

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That One Call

At 2Shoes we contact prospective customers on a daily basis. Once we find those that are interested in hearing more we set up a short demo call to walk them through the app and see if we may be a good fit for their event. Often times those calls are 20 minutes or less. Not […]

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Introduction to 2Shoes

Who We Are 2Shoes is a web-based event application used to increase engagement and understanding in large presentation settings. Our goal is to empower curiosity and help increase interaction during presentations in an era when most interactions are becoming virtual. Our four co-founder team is filled with individuals that are eager to reshape how we […]

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